We design sustainability and resiliency into your project while providing the best building experience that you will ever have. Building a beautifully comfortable home while stewarding natural resources and creating a healthy, abundant landscape that benefits you, your community and the environment is our passion.


Josh Thomas, Co-Owner and President of CWI, holds a degree in Architecture and over 25 years’ experience in custom residential construction. He has managed large scale, remote projects as well as small scale properties in more urban environments.  He has the experience to guide you on your custom property in any environment or condition.


We value people first. Great results are only possible when we listen to our customers and craftspeople. We value the environment we live and work in and will always promote appropriate sustainable construction practices. Our craftsmanship puts the details together in a way that brings out your project’s beauty while ensuring it will stand the test of time.


It’s our mission to provide a great building experience while promoting more sustainable and resilient living. We believe we can best serve you by carefully stewarding the resources necessary to design and build your project. We do this by maintaining a holistic, long-range view of your project and maintaining open communication with you at all times.

This house was the fifth one we've had built over the years and it was our best experience. You were so easy to work with as were your people on the job and the contractors. You, personally, and your subs were very responsive to our requests.  Your occasional suggestions to deviate from plan were good ones and they all turned out well. We've never experienced a quicker final inspection and an almost problem free "walk through" like the one at our CWI home.

Harold G. Bernthal

With your attention to detail and the excellent craftsmanship of your employees and subcontractors, we had nothing to worry about. We were very impressed with your employees. They are very nice and courteous. They arrive early, work hard all day and do not leave until the job site is cleaned up. You made this a fun project for us.  Thank you!

Dennis and Elaine Miller

As our house progressed Josh did an excellent job of communicating with us as well as trying to understand our theme and goal. He made some very good recommendations that we ended up using in our house. We couldn't be any happier with the workmanship and total outcome of our home as well as the whole building experience. Josh always did what he said he would do.

Larry and Jeannette Hyder

I would never hesitate to recommend CWI, Inc. for any building project. Josh has been the most congenial and helpful person I have ever worked with.  I pointed out several alternatives on our project that should have been corrected by the architect or engineer. He was able to correct them to my satisfaction which actually improved the project. I have nothing but good things to say about Josh and CWI, Inc.  I'd strongly recommend him for any building endeavor he chooses.

Gail D'Ambra

For us working with you throughout the completion of our home was an absolute pleasure, and went far beyond our initial expectations. You never hesitated to return our calls, had great insight for design, and when asked, were always helpful with suggestions for material and item selections. You always answered our questions professionally and accurately, and made the changes we requested from time to time without hesitation and with sound advice and input. In the end, we ended up with a great home built exactly as we wanted it, with no difficulties, and completed ahead of schedule.

Tom and Debbi Miller


The CWI Process

We are more than home builders. We  are people just like you with a passion for living a healthy, abundant life while stewarding the resources around us. We have taken our years of experience in building, property management and homesteading and developed a process to make the most of your home building experience.

Every customer relationship begins with a free two-hour consultation so we can get to know you, your needs, your vision and your goals. The consultation will clarify your vision, and help determine how your potential or existing property works with your vision. If we believe we can bring your vision to life, we’ll end the call by proposing a plan to move forward.

Regardless of where you find yourself in the process of developing your property – whether you have just started dreaming or you already have a home built – with our experience and dedication to holistic and sustainable property development, we can help you get the most from your property in an efficient and environmentally sound manner that fits your budget.

Please take a few moments to explore our process and call us today for a free consultation.

Land Acquistion

Sustainability and resilience starts with the land.

Creating a great home starts with purchasing the right property. No doubt you have a vision for that ideal place, complete with expansive views, or tucked back into the forest; but there is much more to consider. Will the land you purchase adequately suit your needs? Is it going to be everything you dreamed, or will you find out later it really wasn’t suited to your plans? Whether you want to preserve your piece of North Idaho or develop a productive and resilient homestead, we bring into play the know-how and experienced eye necessary to help you to find property that will really fit your project. By focusing on the vital criteria for your land purchase, or uncovering the potential of your existing property, we can help you make your home and property all you’ve dreamed it could be. Read More



CWI Properties, Bonners Ferry, Sandpoint, Idaho, Master Plan, Holistic Design, Custom, Home, Construction,

CWI Properties, Master Plan, Bonners Ferry, Idaho

Master Planning

Establishing a holistic vision for your property.

Once you’ve purchased the right property it is important, no vital, to create a Master Plan. A wise man once wrote: “without a vision the people perish.” Our Master Planning process creates a comprehensive plan to articulate your vision and guide your project. Without a Master Plan to guide what you do on your property you will have unnecessary setbacks and cost overruns that could have been avoided, and that carry the potential to sabotage your ability to achieve the full potential of your dream. Our Master Plan will guide the development of your property and home for the abundance, sustainability and resiliency you desire.

Home design and location are only two of many elements to consider as we plan, right from the start, all aspects of your project. Even if you already own property, we can help you decide how to best work with what you’ve got in order to make your property work for you. We use permaculture design principles to create a holistic framework for your land and home. This holistic approach combined with our years of experience in construction, property management and homesteading have come together to create a unique building experience.  Read More

Home Design

Sustainability and resiliency by design

With your Master Plan in place, we now have comprehensive criteria to guide your home design. And when we say “home design”, we mean more than defining spaces and aesthetic options. Having found the perfect site for your home on your property, we will flesh out the Master Plan with your spacial needs and aesthetic wishlist in order to design a home that is not only beautiful, but that functions well for you. Without the site conditions that our Master Plan process takes into consideration, the design of your new home will not be as energy efficient or comfortable as it could be. True sustainability and resilience comes by combining your particular needs and lifestyle with your chosen site conditions to create the perfect design. Read More

CWI Properties, Bonners Ferry, Sandpoint, Idaho, Master Plan, Holistic Design, Custom, Home, Construction,

CWI Properties, Bonners Ferry, Sandpoint, Idaho, Master Plan, Holistic Design, Custom, Home, Construction,

Custom Construction

Your vision, brought to life

Now that we have articulated your vision and created a plan that reflects you and your desire to be more sustainable and resilient, it’s time to get to work. We know you’ve heard the stories: a friend built a house, fighting tooth and nail with their builder every step of the way. Or maybe their home just didn’t turn out the way they were expecting, despite their best efforts. We find it deeply rewarding to produce a superior home that accurately reflects the vision you have for your space while making the experience as enjoyable as possible.

As home builders, we pride ourselves on the highest levels of craftsmanship and communication. We maintain clean building sites, minimizing waste and creating working environments that are healthier, safer, and more pleasant for everyone involved. We communicate promptly, and hire craftspeople for their courtesy as well as their skill.  Read More


Land Development

The fulfillment of a sustainable and resilient property

All land needs to be cared for. Whether you are preserving your land for natural sustainability or building a homestead for resiliency (or maybe a little of both), your land will need some degree of attention.  With a Master Plan in place, we can help you implement the remaining elements. If you have a large scale project that needs complete management, we can do that for you. Or if you are going to manage the implementation of your Master Plan on your own, we will be here to consult when you need us. Read More

CWI Properties, Land Development, Bonners Ferry, Sandpoint, Idaho, Master Plan, Holistic Design, Custom, Home, Construction,

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