All land needs to be cared for. Whether you are preserving your land for natural sustainability or building a homestead for resiliency (or maybe a little of both), your land will need some degree of attention through land development. With a Master Plan in place, we can help you implement the remaining elements. If you have a large-scale project that needs complete management, we can do that for you. Or if you are going to manage the implementation of your Master Plan on your own, we will be here to consult when you need us.

Land development is not easy on any scale, and things done wrong are often expensive to undo. Water runoff flowing the wrong way, a leaky pond above a boggy orchard, inconvenient fences—the list is long. It helps to have a well-thought-out plan and an experienced eye to guide the process.  Besides being builders and homesteaders, we have worked on almost every property type imaginable, from multi-million dollar homes in urban landscapes, to fire restoration in the mountains, to multi-faceted projects on island and mountain camps, to new homes in the national forest, we have years of experience both broad and deep. We have come to believe you will most fully enjoy your home when it is well-integrated into the landscape as well as the flow of your life. However, unlike your home, which reaches completion and you move in, land development and management is an ongoing, dynamic process.

The Master Plan is your blueprint as we aid you in the process of creating a sustainable and resilient landscape. Core elements like ponds and water collection/direction, orchards, access roads and paths really should be done right the first time. We can manage this for you, or give guidance as needed. Other more intricate and dynamic systems like gardens and animal management can take time to learn what works best for your property and lifestyle. For example, some folks may want a perennial style garden and food forest with low-density animal grazing to ensure some food security while keeping inputs low, and others may want more intensively managed annual gardens and high rotation animal systems for maximum production on well-nurtured land. We can help you set up your systems and get you going to a more sustainable and resilient future.

Whatever the specifics may be, and whether hired or DIY, this aspect of your project fleshes out your vision, creating the lifestyle you want in a way that honors your time, investment and the environment around you. Let us know how we can help!